Pin Grades 
F1, F2, F3. Each enamel pin is hand made, which makes every pin a unique piece of artwork. You will find flaws on every pin if you look hard enough. With larger pins, more flaws will be present. 
Flawed 1 (F1) : may contain minor flaws, small scratches, black specks in the enamel. 
Flawed 2 (F2) : May contain more easily noticeable flaws, scratches, dots in the enamel, misalignment of screen print.
Flawed 3 (F3): Most noticeable flaws. These include misaligned screen printing, scratches, shallow pin pricks, dust in the enamel, dents in enamel, marks, and other flaws that can be immediately noticed. 
No Grade: pin sold at cost. Will contain all flaws listed above and more. 

Pre-Orders / Pre-Sales

Orders placed for items listed as a pre-sale are currently in production or on their way to production. The funds from a pre-sale are used to put designs into production, and production time will vary from one design to another. Updates are posted on my Instagram (@moonbeampins) as they're received from the manufacturer and most times in group chats on Instagram. Production time could take anywhere from 1 - 6 months after costs have been paid, and pins must undergo a quality check before they're sent to buyers. In the event that a pin is not fully funded or does not make it into production, orders will be fully refunded. By buying a presale, you agree to the terms and conditions of: seeing that pin through to the end of it’s production. There are absolutely NO refunds for presale pins.

Address Change Policy

It is up to my buyers to contact me with change of address prior to shipment. Otherwise, I will ship to the address I have on file. I am not responsible for lost packages due to change of address.

If you have a change of address, please contact me on Instagram or through my contact me tab on my website.

NOTE: ORDERS CONTAINING A PRE-SALE ITEM WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL THE PRE-SALE ITEM IS IN HAND. I encourage you to place separate orders if you'd like to purchase a pre-sale item and other items. 

Refunds and Cancellations

I can cancel an order if it has not shipped- however, I will NOT refund an order due to buyers remorse. No exceptions. Please think before you buy. I do not offer returns. All sales are final. I will not offer a refund on pre-sale items as these funds have been invested into the production of an item. The only exception to the refund policy will be in the event that a design does not make it to production OR there are severe manufacturing delays that would (or have) push(ed) you outside your PayPal protection window. Please contact me if this happens, and I will either refund you or refund you and provide you with the opportunity to repurchase to retain PayPal protection.


Right now shipping takes about a month or more with in hand pins. Please be aware of this before you contact me. Please remember, Moonbeam Pins is a very small business that is run by one person- who also has a full-time job, a part-time job, and a family. If you order a custom item, the shipping time will be longer as it will take time to make the product.

Lost or damaged pin mail or problems with your order should be brought to my attention immediately. If your package is marked as delivered, there is nothing I can do. But if your pins do not arrive, I can help in filing a claim with USPS. Lost pin mail will be replaced at my discretion. I will replace most damaged pin mail if it is a manufacturing flaw or caused my negligence on my part. Mishandling of mail by the postal service is not my fault. 

If you receive an incorrect item or are missing something, I will gladly exchange these items and send you the correct items at no additional cost. Please notify me immediately if this happens so I can correct my mistake!