About Moonbeam Pins

Hello! My name is Rileigh.

About the Creator

I am an LCSW (child therapist), a mom, an artist, a lover of pastel rainbows and moons, and a Studio Ghibli and Disney fanatic. I created this website to become more organized and finally take the next step in selling my art and pins.

I have been doing art since I was little. My earliest memory of creating art is sitting in the backseat of my dad's car in a booster seat, with one of those magnetic drawing boards. My dad always encouraged me to continue with art, and I don't think I'd be here without that support. I started selling my work in high school, and have done countless custom paintings for customers. Now I figured would be as good a time as any to actually take the steps into having my own platform to sell. I do all kinds of art- digital, acrylic painting, oil, watercolor, alcohol ink, etc. My favorite mediums to work with currently are gouache, water color, and alcohol ink. 

About the Pins

I have been hard core collecting enamel pins for 4 years now, but have always had Disney pins in my home. Much to my husband's horror, our walls are now covered in Disney and Studio Ghibli items, 60% being pins. I love collecting pins because those movies meant a lot to me as a child, and I love having physical representations of the characters and scenes that helped shaped my life. However, I must admit, I am very picky with my pins. I personally like pins that are not stylistic and are accurate renditions of the movies I loved as a child. So, being unable to find these specific types of pins, I decided to make some myself for my own collection- and others wanted them to. 

About the name Moonbeam

Where did I get my shop name from? Well, my favorite word is moonbeam. I looooooove moons. Love them. The moon, in my mind, is a comforting woman, a friend, something whimsical and magical, a light to old souls and night owls like me. Moonbeams, those rays of light that shine down from the moon, are so enchanting. I wished the name for my shop- that will host an array of items I put my heart and soul into- to reflect the magical, whimsical, enchanting, and mystical feeling I get when I think of the word moonbeam. 


That's it for me! Thank you for visiting my store.
It means so much to me that you are even here.